About Us

Yoga Connection was established in Brooklyn, Pretoria East in 1999 by Carley and Alan Louw. Centurion was established a year later in Centurion by Carley’s sister, Charene.

We specialise in gentle yoga, basic beginners classes which are useful to open all major joints and relax tense muscles and improve the flow of energy through the body.

We offer more energizing general/all levels classes for the physically stronger students. Keeping the mindful approach in whatever we do. Remembering the meaning of the word asana (yoga position), which is a calm and steady pose which helps to develop awareness so as not to injure the body. We believe that yoga provides a way for the individual to connect with their true selves. Establishing harmony and balance in all aspects of their lives.

We have specially trained instructors who hold classes to help pregnant mothers prepare their bodies and regular workshops for focus groups. Read more about our pregnancy yoga classes here.

We focus on releasing energy blocks that prevent disease in the physical body. It renders the whole body more flexible and free. We also teach pranayamas (breathing techniques) which help to detoxify the body and release stress, helping to unclog the emotions. We offer a complete physical, mental and emotional relaxation technique. This is a very powerful practice in letting go of tension and stress. It is also a healing practice for people who are not well. We teach this technique on an individual basis if needed. Practicing with the principle of Ahimsa (which means non-violence,) with gentleness and care, thus developing our patience and balance in all aspects of our lives results in an easeful body and a peaceful mind.

We have been influenced by a wide variety of yogic schools and various teachers. We have travelled to India and practised yoga in many locations there. Some of us have enjoyed training in America and Thailand. Our instructors are full members of The Yoga Teachers Fellowship of SA. We live up to our name Yoga Connection by integrating all that we have learnt into one great whole with deep gratitude and thanks to our wonderful teachers throughout the world.